Good words

I’ve been fortunate to work with many great people throughout my career and I feel blessed to have received these good words.

From Leadership

“Justin reported directly to me during his time at Jostle. Together we brought many product innovations to market, helping us become the top-rated employee intranet platform. Justin did a great job of understanding both user needs and technical realities, such that we were able to deliver robust and useable solutions to our diverse install base. His passion and craftsmanship were always strong. He left Jostle on great terms, with us all wishing him the best.”

Brad Palmer, CEO at Jostle

March 26, 2019, Brad managed me directly

“Justin moved our design process into the digital world and better aligned with our SW development team. I learnt a lot from his diligence ensuring that a design focused on accomplishing the user's end goals in the most straight forward and easily discovered way possible. Justin will bring great design to whatever projects he ends up working on. I wish him luck in his new endeavours.”

Bruce Milton, VP Development at Jostle
May 3, 2019, Bruce managed me directly

“I worked closely with Justin for about 4 years at Jostle. I always appreciated his honesty and transparency when it came to discussing new ideas. He is very cognizant of the overall customer experience at all times which allows him to create user experiences that our customers enjoy. From contributing blog images, to creating landing pages to designing major aspects of Jostle's platform, Justin contributed a lot in the time I worked with him. I'd be happy to work with him again and definitely recommend him highly.”

Dustin Tysick, VP, Marketing & Growth at Jostle

April 1, 2019, Dustin worked with me in the same group

“I worked with Justin for almost 4 years at Jostle. As a member of the marketing/brand team, we relied heavily on Justin's talents and ideas to help us create and complete our marketing assets and campaigns. This ranged from artwork for our blog to full blog redesign, to e-books, to trade show booth materials - and pretty much everything else in between! I appreciated Justin's candour and creativity. He made me think about things differently, and consider a better way to move forward. His knowledge and appreciation of design principles, helped me gain a deeper understanding of the user/audience impact of our branded materials. Justin is a passionate, dedicated, and sensitive human, who will bring the utmost of care to every project, team, or business that he aligns with. As a graduate of Jostle's 12-month leadership program, he has demonstrated the capacity for deeper self-awareness, humility, and openness to improve. I'll miss Justin's many and varied contributions to our team. His new team will be fortunate to have someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind, and make the team stronger in doing so.”

Bev Attfield, Director - Brand | CX | EX at Jostle
March 30, 2019, Bev worked with me in the same group

“It’s been a pleasure working with Justin and seeing him grow from a recent grad to a multi-talented app designer. At Steamclock Justin proved himself highly adaptable, tackling a wide variety of tasks across web and apps, digital and print, internally and for clients. He challenged us to level up our design process, while also engaging in the more technical side of the business. I'm excited to see his future success as he takes on more leadership and tackles new challenges.”

Allen Pike, CEO, Steamclock

January 14, 2015, Allen managed me directly

“Justin is a talented designer who consistently demonstrates a high level of knowledge, skill and commitment in his work.”

Sandra Dametto, BA, MA, CSPO

April 13, 2012, Sandra managed me directly

From fellow Designers

“I had the opportunity to work with and learn from Justin over 2+ years at Jostle. He is an incredibly thoughtful designer with a diverse skill set that allows him to articulate concrete solutions to challenging problems. Justin regularly worked on initiatives that established himself as a natural leader. As a strong advocate for the customer, he would ask tough questions and he was always prepared to support multiple arguments. I would be happy to work with him again.”

Elliot Mah, Head of Design at Jostle

March 25, 2019, Elliot and I worked in the same group

”Justin is a fantastic and flexible designer. I have enjoyed working and collaborating with him for 5+ years, including 4 years at Jostle, various freelance projects and at Emily Carr University. I have always been incredibly impressed with Justin’s ability to bring a design from concept to completion all while gathering consensus, balancing implementation concerns against product goals and always maintaining a high level of polish in the presentation. A relaxed and genuinely interested individual, Justin seems to get along with virtually everyone; he would be a great fit for any team.”

Grey Vaisius, Senior Designer at Jostle
March 25, 2019, Grey and I worked in the same group

”I had the opportunity to work with Justin on the Design Team at Jostle. He is an exceptionally talented designer and influential team player. His ability to bring new ideas to the table, while simultaneously encourage the inclusion and collaboration of a team is invaluable. He dependably delivers high quality, thoughtful, and impactful work that communicates and solves complex issues. Any team would be fortunate to have him!”

Tiffany Tsai, Senior Designer at Jostle
April 12, 2019, Tiffany and I worked in the same group

“Justin Alm is one of those rare designers who is just as concerned with the functionality of a website as he is with it’s form, and has the talents and experience to fully deliver both. He is able to produce innovative web design while working within the project’s limitations and deadlines. He is a delight to work with, and I hope to one day be fortunate enough to work with him again.”

Alley Kurgan, Designer at Concrete Design Communications

June 20, 2012, Alley and I worked in the same group

From Developers

“I worked with Justin over 4 years at Jostle, some working directly with him in one of the core views of Jostle product. Justin is able to fully comprehend the requirements of a task from both a top down and bottom up perspective and come up with a comprehensive yet simple and usable design. He would be a great asset to any project of which he is a part. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Len Takeuchi, Director of System Architecture
May 31, 2019, Len and I worked in the same group

”It was such a pleasure working with Justin. He not only has a ton of experience with UI/UX and web application design as a whole, but is also a great communicator. He’s always very patient with developers and other stakeholders, always listens to their input and concerns, and tries to come up with an approach that works for everyone. Justin is very professional and is super passionate about his work, which makes working with him so easy and enjoyable.”

Joe Hu, Team Lead at Jostle
March 25, 2019, Joe and I worked in the same group

“Justin always takes a holistic view of design and product. He always considers the product from every angle and perspective that helps eliminate issues early on saving time. I enjoyed working with Justin on several product teams at Jostle and he always takes the time to listen, voice his concerns, and tries to come up with solutions. I would love the opportunity to work with him again given the chance.”

Wilson Wong, Software Developer
 at Jostle
April 5, 2019, Wilson and I worked in the same group

”I have know Justin since I started at Jostle almost 2 years ago, and has had worked with him on different projects. I found him as an exceptional UI designer with a keen eye for detail that few people have. He has always been very helpful as a team player even when help is needed on projects that he is not involved with directly. He will surely be a valuable resource for any company.”

Aqeel Sachwani, Java Team Lead at Jostle

April 3, 2019, Aqeel and I worked in the same group

“I worked with Justin for over a year. In that year, I saw him constantly grow the product with his thoughtful and unique designs. His designs always considered the future and he didn't shy away from questioning the details. It was very easy to work with Justin as he is very team oriented, patient and a great communicator.”

Artem Jeman, Junior Quality Assurance Analyst at Jostle

March 27, 2019, Artem and I worked in the same group

”I had the pleasure of working with Justin for 3 years at Jostle where he was always insightful and thorough. Justin's design skills are complemented by his understanding of technology and he often worked closely with myself, and other software engineers, to collaboratively solve problems. Justin shaped not only our product, but our firm in a very positive way and I would be very glad to work with him again.”

Glen Pierce, Developer at Jostle
March 27, 2019, Glen and I worked in the same group

“Justin and I worked together on a variety of projects at Steamclock Software. Justin is an extremely talented individual who is full of creative energy. We’ve had many fantastic coffee fuelled brainstorming sessions which always left me feeling invigorated and confident that our project was headed in the right direction. He’s a great person to work with and I hope I get the chance to collaborate with him again in the future.”

Rob MacEachern, Mobile Software Engineer at Steamclock
September 30, 2015, Rob and I worked in the same group

“I have learned much from working with Justin, and he showed me what being a designer is really all about. Not only is Justin incredible with both hand-drawn and digital design, he is also a proficient web developer. Furthermore, Justin’s insight and thorough understanding of iOS and Android design patterns have helped us created many awesome products.”

Jeremy Chiang, iOS & Android Developer at Steamclock
January 17, 2015, Jeremy and I worked in the same group

”Justin is a great person to work with. He's skilled, hard-working and not afraid to dig into the technical side of things.”

Chani Armitage, Software Engineer at Steamclock

January 16, 2015, Chani and I worked in the same group

From Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations

”Working with Justin was a very positive and enjoyable experience. As a collaborator, he’s thoughtful, considerate, responsive and knowledgeable about his field. You can always count on his work to be top-notch and delivered with a high level of professionalism and style.”

Vince Forrington, Technical Writer at Jostle

March 25, 2019, Vince and I worked in the same group

”Justin’s not only an incredibly talented designer, he's also one of the most proactive and engaged people I've had the pleasure to work with. His immense contributions to the workplace culture at Jostle reflected his passion for product design and commitment to finding the best path forward. Justin routinely went out of his way to publicly acknowledge colleagues' accomplishments and give credit for a job well done, which goes to show that he clearly cares a lot about craftsmanship and instills it in those around him. He'd make an excellent addition to your organization.”

Corey Moseley, Content Marketing Specialist
 at Jostle
March 26, 2019, Corey and I worked in the same group

”Justin has always put customer experience at the forefront of all of his work. He is devoted to delivering exceptional product experiences through thoughtful design. It was a joy collaborating with him on projects, and you can always count on him for a witty banter as well (ask him about coffee).”

Michelle Su, Growth Marketing
 at Jostle
March 27, 2019, Michelle and I worked in different groups

”Justin is both a great designer and a great colleague. He cares deeply about what he does, giving his design thought and consideration, and his thorough approach is clear in the final product. As a marketer, I loved that Justin was happy to explain the reasons behind his design and share his knowledge. The marketing/design process was smoother and more successful because of him.”

Hannah Price, Content Marketing Specialist at Jostle
March 26, 2019, Hannah and I worked in different groups

“I worked with Justin for 3,5 years and he is the best Product Designer that I've ever met! If you, as a company, are looking to hire a designer to help you to outline the future of your product based on current and future trends and also to help you to fulfill this vision then look no further than Justin Alm.”

Tomas Nehyba, Technical Account Manager at Jostle
March 25, 2019, Tomas and I worked in the same groups

“Justin has been such an awesome person to work with! Even though we were on different teams within our organization, I did have a chance to work with him on a few different projects. He is a really great communicator and is always on the ball when it comes to sharing information that he thought would be key to my role. His creativity really shines through with all of the work he does, and I very much appreciated how he would provide me feedback and recommendations on any projects that I would take on. By working with Justin I also feel like I gained a much greater understanding of why design is such an important part of our company, and am very grateful for the wisdom and experience he brought to Jostle.”

Samantha Chikmoroff, Customer Success Manager at Jostle
April 9, 2019, Samantha and I worked in different groups

”Justin is dedicated to designing with the user in mind, utilizing team capabilities fully and ensuring consistency of brand. He is a positive voice, advocating for both the user and his team, while ensuring an understanding of all areas of the business. I always enjoyed working with him.”

Louise Johnson, Director of Events & Special Projects at Axiom Zen

March 26, 2019, Louise and I worked in different groups

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