I design products for the web, iOS, and Android; delivering creative solutions for start-ups and enterprises from all sectors. I simplify complexity, exceed expectations, and create unexpected delight.

Case studies


Streamlining valet parking with an iOS app, web service, and printed tickets.

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Jostle Blog

A modern home for the content in Jostle’s primary marketing channel.

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Jostle Style Guide

The design system used by the Jostle’s Design and Dev Teams.

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I help businesses execute on ideas when they don’t have the technical skills or bandwidth required to accomplish their goals. As a partner, I’ll help you maximize your investment and attain an outstanding product.


Heads up! These projects show my range but are light on the details. Want to know more? Contact me.


Video calls without leaving your company’s Jostle intranet.

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Map of the Internet

An interactive 3D model of the internet for iOS and Android.

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Woo To See You

Identity, website, and interior design for Woo To See You.

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A WIP Factory web app to help dev-evangelists connect with developers.

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Know Ideas

Awarded, McLuhanesque, exploration of the internet in printed experiments.

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Jostle Illustrations

Artwork for Jostle’s blog, website, and social media channels.

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Mozilla Stumbler

A Pokémon GO style game to help expand Mozilla’s geolocation services.

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Wedding DJ iPad app

A DJ app so easy to use that grandma can rock your wedding.

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Bravado Magazine

A redesign of Bravado’s brand and website into “high gloss pixels”.

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ECUAD Catalog Platform

Web and iPad apps for curators to approve and publish exhibition projects.

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Making Conversation

An interviews podcast about creative journeys of artists and designers.

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Focused on formalism, abstraction, urbanism, and nature.

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